Players With the Most NBA All-Star Game Selections

The 2011 NBA All Star game will take place in Los Angeles this year for the 60th time on February 20. The starters will be announced on Thursday, and in honor of the occasion, here are the players who were selected for the most All Star games throughout the history of the event.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 18 Appearances, 19 Selections

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First Game: 1970 All-Star Game, scoring 10 points for the East as they beat the West 142-135. Last Game: 1989 in Houston. Scored four points in the 143-134 West win.

Stats: 13.9 Points, 8.3 Rebounds

Shaquille O’Neal, 12 Appearances, 15 Selections

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First Game: 1993 All Star in Salt Lake City playing for the East, scored 14 points, losing 135-130 to the West. Last Game: 2009 All Star in Phoenix, sharing the MVP with Kobe Bryant, scoring 17 points in the West’s 146-119 win. His first came in 2000 (Oakland), sharing the award with Tim Duncan. He won his second All Star MVP in 2004 scoring 24 points for the West in a 136-132 win.

Stats: 16.8 Points, 8.1 Rebounds

Michael Jordan, 13 Appearances, 14 Selections

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First Game: In 1985 at the Hoosier Dome in Indiana, scoring 7 points as the East lost 140-129. Last Game: 2003 in Atlanta. Jordan scored 20 points as the West won 155-145. Jordan won three All-Star MVPs – 1988 in Chicago, scoring 40 points, 1996 in San Antonio scoring 20 points (with the crowd booing) and in 1998, scoring 23 points at the MSG in New York.

Stats: 20.1 Points, 4.7 Rebounds, 4.2 Assists

Karl Malone, 12 Appearances, 14 Selections

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First Game: 1988 In Chicago, scoring 22 points as the West lost 133-138. Last Game: 2001, playing only four minutes and not scoring a point. Malone won 2 All Star MVP awards – In 1989, scoring 28 points at Houston and in 1993, sharing it with John Stockton playing in Salt Lake City.

Stats: 12.1 Points, 6.2 Redounds

Jerry West, 12 Appearances, 14 Selections

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First Game: 1961 In Syracuse, scoring 9 points as with the West winning 153-131. Last Game: 1973 In Chicago with the the East winning 104-84. West scored 6. He won the MVP in 1972 (Los Angeles), scoring 13 points, hitting the game winning shot.

Stats: 13.3 Points, 4.6 Assists

And the Rest…

13 – Wilt Chamberlain (1 MVP), Bob Cousy (2 MVPs), Kevin Garnett (12 Appearances, 1 MVP) and John Havlicek.

12 – Larry Bird (10, 1 MVP), Kobe Bryant (3 MVPs), Tim Duncan (1 MVP), Elvin Hayes, Magic Johnson (11, 2 MVPs), Moses Malone (11), Hakeem Olajuwon, Oscar Robertson (3 MVPs), Bill Russell (1 MVP), Dolph Schayes (11), Isiah Thomas (11, 2 MVPs).