All-Star Weekend, Night 1 – Best Moments

As the weekend builds up towards Sunday, the start of the All-Star events in Houston weren’t too bad, with Usain Bolt dunking and racing against Kevin Hart, Dikembe Mutombo showing his finger-wag once more and Kyrie Irving breaking Brandon Knight and his ankles.

Usain Bolt Gets to Dunk

Usually, the Celebrity patch of the All-Star game isn’t filled with great basketball moments. Yes, a few celebs playing against former basketball stars is nice, but usually, the basketball is pretty bad. However, with a world class athlete like Usain Bolt in the mix, and when I mean world-class I mean the fastest person on the planet, probably, you’re bound to get an impressive dunk or two.

Usain Bolt again, chasing Kevin Hart

Some of the best comes with moments not exactly planned, or that not on the itinerary. Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt racing to score two layups on both ends of the floor wasn’t exactly the race of the century, but it was a nice break from the norm.

Ricky Rubio at his Best

Some players like Ricky Rubio live for these All-Star weekends, because defenses don’t exist and he can show off his passing magic, which also happens about once or twice a game in regular NBA games since Rubio is no longer held back by his injury-return. He was playing on the winning team, where Kenneth Faried, Anthony Davis and Bradley Beal had plenty of opportunities to enjoy some assists from the best passer in the NBA.

Kyrie Irving Beating Brandon Knight

Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight got into a one on one battle during the Rising Stars Challenge, which isn’t really a fair fight. Knight did get to score in one of those duels, but the last laugh in the matter was left to Irving, with some mazy dribbling that left Knight on the floor, while Irving pulled up for jumper and two points.

Dikembe Mutombo

Few players are as loved across the NBA as Mutombo, who is always a joy to watch, even when he can barely move up and down the floor. Mutombo was waiting for a moment when he could do his famous finger-wag post-block celebration, and had to make it a male-female thing, rejecting Tamika Catchings so he could pull off his signature move.

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