Allen Iverson is Still the King in Philadelphia

The big story before Game 6 in Philadelphia was Kevin Garnett calling out the Sixers fans. Maybe he was thinking ahead, of game 7, and boosting is own fan base. If Garnett’s words weren’t enough of a rallying cry for Philly fans, the arrival of Allen Iverson to present the game ball finished the job.

Iverson is probably still hoping someone is willing to take a chance on him. A load of personal problems and running out of favor with most league scouts and GMs all of a sudden, adding to his financial burdens, pushed Iverson out of the league. During the last round of talks, no one was willing to pick up the glove and sign him. At least not for the price he was asking.

But if you thought that time and an unsuccessful short tenure in the 2009-2010 somewhat weakened the bond between Iverson and the Philadelphia fans, you couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s the only player that took this team to the NBA finals since their last title in 1983. He did it without much support around him. Simply taking an entire team for more than a season on his back, and making the most of it.

He walked around like Hulk Hogan, doing that ear and hand thing, trying to squeeze more love out of the crowd and fans. Maybe even give some inspiration to this group of 76ers, minutes before they begin a fight to avoid elimination. Basketball-wise, pure basketball, is where the Celtics have an advantage over the 76ers.

But Game 6 was about hustle, and push from the crowd, and inspiration. There were a lot of weird things that defied logics and even the facts, stats shown on the sheet. The Sixers willed their way to victory by playing the same kind of basketball that pushed them through the Chicago Bulls. Allen Iverson wasn’t on the floor playing, but it seemed his presence in the arena had something to do with Philadelphia winning and sending us to Game 7.