Alternative FIFA 13 Controls for the Modern Footballer

Shoot, pass, head it, score? Things of the past. As footballers popularity grows, so does the amount of disrespect from others towards their profession and how they perform during matches. An alternative look at an Xbox controller for the FIFA 13 game that comes out in a couple of months shows us what some people expect the buttons to do.

I won’t lie to you, I couldn’t stop diving when I first found out that feature existed on one of the Pro Evolution Soccer games. It does get boring after a while, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an opportunity to do some illegal stuff and get away with it? I mean, we see it hundreds of times each season done by the actual players – diving, cheating (hands), dirty fouls, verbally attacking referees and more. Why not have the option of doing it while playing?

Not all footballers are cheaters and divers and so on, but it’s hard fighting perception when there’s only one referee (with a few useless assistants on hand most of the time) who usually isn’t good enough to control a match and notice everything that’s happening on a pretty big pitch. Video assistance is needed, but the wheels of justice work quite slow.

Just to ease your mind – The new FIFA game won’t feature these control options. They’re just a fantasy of someone who doesn’t have much regard for soccer players and what they do, and was having a bit of harmless fun. But if cheating continues to pay off for players, which shows the next generation of players that fair play doesn’t necessarily help you win, maybe video games like FIFA and PES will actually have these options eventually.