Amir Khan – Conspiracy or More Whining?

Amir Khan isn’t done with his crusade to prove he actually won his fight against Lamont Peterson. He wants a rematch, which he’ll probably get anyhow. But that’s not enough, and revealing new and question raising footage regarding an unidentified man sitting with the judges and actually interfering with the scorecards.

Khan lost his WBA and IBF Light Welterweight belts in a split decision loss to underdog Lamont Peterson. Khan did land more clean hits during the fights, but was punished twice by the ring referee for pushing. Khan alleged that he had to push because Peterson came in low to headbutt him throughout the fight.

Khan has accused and been accused since losing that fight, with one of the judges still giving him the win. From the first moment, Khan talked about how the hostile Washington atmosphere took the win and the titles away from him. He shouldn’t have been punished for pushing, he was the better fighter, the cleaner fighter throughout the bout. You know the drill.

Accused of? Well, like every loser who can’t accept his defeat. Lamont Peterson himself said he would like a rematch, but he’s getting tired of Khan’s old act. He lost that fight fair and square, and he needs to move on.

But this new footage shed some more bad lighting on this controversial fight. Look, I’ve said more than once I think Khan got screwed in the fight. Home advantage became a bigger factor than expected. But it didn’t seem to be dirty. It just looked like Khan should have done more to convince the judges, who were leaning towards Peterson anyway. Khan simply should have gone for the knockout and be more aggressive. He struggled with fighting inside and didn’t show his superior skills often enough.

The new footage? A man actually sitting with the judges and the WBA supervisor Michael Welsh, when it’s clearly forbidden to interfere with the scorecards and the judges scoring. The man actually seems like he’s taking a scorecard and putting him it in his pocket. Suspicious indeed.

The WBA and IBF are already reviewing the fight and the scoring after Khan appealed the result of that evening. There’s no doubt this new video has a chance of revealing something no one wants to consider actually goes down during boxing fights.