Amir Khan in a Mayweather State of Mind

Amir Khan may have lost the WBA (Super) and IBF Light Welterweight title to Lamont Peterson, but that defeat (under review by the governing bodies) isn’t stopping him from keeping his sights set on Floyd Mayweather, who just happened to be recently sentenced to 90 days in prison.

Floyd Mayweather pleaded guilty on a domestic violence charge, and some say he was lucky to get only 90 days, which will probably be shorter through good behavior, although Mayweather’s incidents with the law and now a convicted women beater might suggest his behavior in prison won’t grant him any discounts from the court.

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For Khan, it’s a strange period. Instead of being on top of the world, proving once again he’s the best in the division, ready to make the leap to Welterweight after proving all he needed to, he find himself stripped of his titles after some bad refereeing (in my opinion) and not going for the knockout when he had the chance during the fight.

The set back in his career plans might not be that critical. He’s still young, still has time to improve, and a two loss record never stopped anyone from becoming a World Champion once again. Khan definitely wants a rematch against Lamont Peterson. He defenitly wants to fight Timothy Bradley. And he definitely would like a shot at Floyd Mayweather in the future.

I hear Mayweather is in prison for 90 days. I think this is the best time to catch him. Maybe things happen for a reason – I’ve been set back three months. and now so has he. He’s making a lot of mistakes now. He’s doing a lot of things wrong in the streets as well.

This is the best time to catch him while his hands are low – and beat him. I know I have the style and skills to beat him. I think it will affect anyone, going to prison and not being around your family and friends and the gym. It’ll definitely affect him and like I said it’s the best time to catch him.

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Before Mayweather even becomes a viable option once again, and his jail sentence has certainly reshuffled the cards in the Welterweight division, especially with anything regarding the Manny Pacquiao – Floyd Mayweather fight, Lamont Peterson is the probably next opponent. His words seems to put him as a rematch backer, although Khan’s excuses for the loss only seem to infuriate the American champions.

I want to clear everything up and even though I think I won a clear victory, I really think that I can knock Amir out. As a promoter, you want to put these types of excuses in a fighter’s head, like he didn’t really lose, like he was robbed by the referee and the judges, to make it not feel like a loss. Amir should now accept the reality that he lost to me. I don’t want any more disputes about it and the best way to do that is by winning by a knockout. And I think I can do it.

Peterson is right about the need for a knockout, or a decisive victory. Anytime someone losses by a Split decision, it turns into the referees fault. Juan Manuel Marquez has made too much money off claiming time and time again he should have beaten Manny Pacquiao. I don’t think he was robbed on any of three occasions. A split decision always leaves doubts.

Again, I do believe Khan deserved to win that fight, but he was far from convincing. Peterson took the fight to his comfort zone, and it paid off.

Amir Khan has the potential to be more than just a local champion or a star in the United States if he picks himself up and gets back on his planned track. Khan has the potential to be a global star, something boxing rarely produces these days. His popularity among Muslims and around the world and his Pakistani heritage make him a potential global blockbuster. Khan will probably try to push at some point for a fight in Pakistan.

Muhammad Ali did it in so many different countries around the world. Why can’t we do it in Pakistan? That’s what my ambition is, to bring a huge title fight to Pakistan. It can happen, there’s so much support we have here. I’ve been here for two days and the accommodation has been brilliant, the hotels are safe, and I’ve had no problems at all.