Amir Khan Begins War of Words With Peterson too Soon

Amir Khan’s recent loss by Split Decision hasn’t changed his high opinion of himself and his place in the world of boxing it seems. With a rematch against the WBA and IBF Light Welterweight champion on his mind, Amir Khan began the war of words with Lamont Peterson before an agreement has even been reached.

Khan hasn’t really come to grip with losing his title belts, and the WBA and IBF will hold an inquiry this month about the judges scoring of the fight and referee’s decision to punish Khan by taking off points for pushing, while the Brit said several times that Peterson came in too many times to headbutt him.

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Khan probably knows that the chances of him getting his titles back that way are slim to none, and while an agreement regarding the rematch has yet to be reached, Peterson has said more than once he’s eager for a rematch, to prove he is the better fighter and won that fight fair and square. Khan has his own vies on how that fight will go down.

Peterson is afraid. If the rematch happens, I will definitely knock him out to prove to fans that I deserved the win the first time we fought. The whole world knows I won. We are praying for the rematch. The judges didn’t give me a fair chance.

Look, Khan is right that he got the raw end of the deal by fighting in Washington D.C., which resulted in a hostile environment for him while Lamont Peterson felt right at home. It doesn’t really matter. Khan, while should be praised for always going after the big challenges in his division and not backing away from fights, shouldn’t have gone to Washington.

Bernard Hopkins spoke before that fight and said that Khan was already two rounds behind because of the venue. It was an arrogant or careless decision. Probably a bit of both, which resulted in a stunning loss. Peterson has said that Khan needs to get over his grievances with the result and take it like a man instead of still whining about it.

Amir Khan is only 25, and a second career loss doesn’t mean an end to his dreams. I watched an interview with Andre Ward, who said that a loss in boxing has bigger consequences than in other sports. It’s true, to a certain extent. It depends on your age, you position in the sport and the manner in which you lost. Khan lost via Split Decision, controversial one. His dream of moving up the divisions, being the #1 Light Welterweight fighter and getting a chance to fight Floyd Mayweather is still very much alive.