Andrew Luck – The Indianapolis Colts Made the Right Choice

At the empty side of the glass, the Indianapolis Colts have to worry about injuries to Austin Collie, Robert Mathis and Cory Redding. At the full side, Andrew Luck, still in preseason mind you, looks just as the Colts expected him to when they drafted him at number one, thinking about a quarterback for years and years to come.

A number one pick, say some, should look like a future franchise quarterback from the get go, from preseason. If his first game for the Colts against the St. Louis Rams wasn’t enough, when he threw a 63 yard touchdown on his first ever pass in Colts uniform, came his performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which began with two interceptions in the first quarter, followed by two touchdown drives in the second quarter.

Coaches and scouts love to see a player do well, but they even like him and it even better when it shows character; when it comes after making a bad play or coming off a bad series. It’s been a couple of days and a couple of games, the season hasn’t even started yet, but everyone is getting more and more comfortable with saying that Andrew Luck is going to be a hit in the NFL; that Andrew Luck was the right choice to gamble on as the future franchise quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.

His numbers so far? 26-41 (63.4%), 2 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 363 yards while being sacked only once during the two games. Not perfect, but Peyton Manning was far from perfect during his first season with the Indianapolis colts. The team won just three games, and Manning did throw 28 interceptions along with his 26 touchdowns. But the Colts knew they had someone under Center for years to come, turning out to be more than a decade. It’s getting closer to that same feeling with Andrew Luck.

But Luck, and the Colts, will be going through a lot of changes this year, with a new head coach and general manager, and brand new defensive systems and philosophy regarding the game. Size instead of speed in the lines, both the offensive and the defensive. A 3-4 defense with more man coverage as opposed to the 4-3 and Tampa 2 that was here for years.

The offensive line especially, a pretty brand new bunch still trying to find its way and rythm together, is something that might make Luck’s rookie season a bit more difficult. His got mobility, everyone knows that. He has arm strength, he’s proven that and disproved a lot of hushes and voices talking in the background.

Most importantly – He showed he can settle down despite big time pressure from a blitzing and camouflage defense like the one the Steelers presented. Intercepted twice, but then he erased that lost feeling from his face and body language and started leading the Colts offense to a score after score, coming up with 17 consecutive points. The second coming, I mean Manning? Not yet, but getting there, and a showdown against the Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin III will be another chance to prove the Colts made the right choice at QB.

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