Andy Roddick and a Future for a Tennis Players’ Union?

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Ever since the 2011 US Open ended, besides trying to realize just how much better Novak Djokovic is than the rest of the chasing pack, the main issue in the tennis World has been the need of a union, the ATP and ITF scheduling and any chances of a strike. Both Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray have emphasized the need for it, and now, someone who usually can’t remain quiet for too long, Andy Roddick, has also voiced his opinion on the matter.

The weather delays at the US Open and the organizers trying to force players to play despite the rain got a lot of the top players very angry, probably Rafael Nadal more than anyone else. He wasn’t alone in this matter, with Roger Federer also speaking since the end of the tournament and in previous years about the need for breaks between tournaments or a shorter season.

When three of the World’s top four players start to show major signs of unhappiness of how the sport is being run, I hope someone in the ATP tower is listening. Andy Roddick does believe that a strike might happen sometime in the future if things don’t change. Not right now, nothing imminent, but does admit it’s something the top player need to discuss.

We’ve always wanted a voice. Unfortunately it hasn’t come. We’re not sure what we’d do. Whether it means a stoppage for a major tournament, that’s something we’ve got to talk about. Really? Actually stopping a Masters or Grand Slam? I’m not sure that justice is completely on the players’ side, and strikes/lockouts due seem to be happenning too much – NFL, NBA, European Soccer leagues, but it would be fun to watch, just once.

If we do that, I’m sure we’ll all get together and play somewhere for a charity of some sort or to show people that it’s more about a voice and not about dollars so much.I think if we are going to do something, it’s going to be thoroughly thought out and it’s not going to happen tomorrow, but it’s certainly a conversation at this point.