Anthony Adams – Stuff Free Agents Say

Trying to find a team in free agency when you’re not the youngest or the best at your position isn’t easy, as Anthony Adams, a nine-year NFL veteran is learning this summer and decided to give the world a taste of what he’s going through with ‘Stuff Free Agents Say’.

Videos of ‘Shit people say’ have been popping up like mushrooms after a rainy day over the last 12 months on youtube and from there all over the internet, but the ideas and originality are quickly running out. That’s why it’s good that Adams, a talented man with too much free time on his hands, knew he could at least put himself outthere more than he already was by making a clip that has quickly become an internet sensation.

Spoilers? You’ll see Adams eating, promising to start his diet next week; Spending too much time on his video game console and dreaming he was a drummer on Bon Jovi; Realize he needs to start working out; Answering his phone in haste, every time wishing it was his agent with good news; Feeding the green-eyed monster while watching other players get signed while he’s trying to cut back on the electric bill.

Adams, a defensive tackle, played for the Chicago Bears last season, completing five seasons with the team. He played in 11 games, starting in 4 of them. He has 121 games, 278 tackles and 10.5 sacks in his nine year career in the NFL.

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