Antisemitic & Anti-Israel Pro Palestinians Attack Maccabi Haifa Players in Austria

Instead of completing a preseason match between Lille and Maccabi Haifa in Austria, ugly scenes that looked like a fight club ended the contest, as the hatred towards Israel and Jews that has been sweeping Europe in the guise of being Pro Palestinian and caring about what’s going on in Gaza led to thugs invading the pitch and attacking players of the Israeli team.

With Lille leading 2-0 in the friendly match, a group of “pro Palestinian” activists, which is a nice label for people who are using the current events in the Middle East to show their hate for the only Jewish nation in the world and Jews in general, invaded the pitch and began attacking the Maccabi Haifa players.

A few of them retaliated and the whole situation turned into a massive brawl, obviously disbanding the match after security finally was able to take over the situation.

The Haifa players left the pitch and entered the locker room, and according to sources there aren’t any injuries to anyone, but that certainly puts another ugly tone on the hatred and antisemitism that’s taking Europe by storm Hate Speech and extremist propaganda against Israelis in Jews since the conflict in Gaza was re-ignited.