Antonio Cromartie Was Made to Populate the Earth

Antonio Cromartie

Turns out not even a vasectomy can stop Antonio Cromartie, the New York Jets cornerback from having children, finding out he and his wife Terricka are expecting twins.

Cromartie has 10 children with eight different women in six different states. He has a daughter (born in 2010) and a son (2012) from his current wife (married since July 2010), and in March 2010, the Jets provided Cromartie with a $500,000 advance so he could make outstanding child support payments.

After two children with his Terricka, Cromartie decided to get a vasectomy, a procedure that leaves most couples with a less than 1-percent chance of getting pregnant. But Cromartie and his ability to impregnate women defies statistic and modern medicine, as the couple announced the existence of the twins to US Weekly, which came as quite a shock to them, although it seems Cromartie is taking it well after the initial shock.

Originally, he was like, ‘Oh, s—t! Are you serious? How did this happen?’ It was shocking news for the both of us. It took me a while to process it, but Antonio stood firm and was saying, ‘It’s God’s will.’ And he’s been excited the whole time.

If everything goes well, this will make Cromartie the father of 12 children. There has been interest from a TV production company in the past to create a reality show about what the New York Post referred to as “the clan” with most of the moms being on board, but Cromartie himself wanting nothing to do with it.

In 2010, on HBO’s hard knocks, Cromartie famously struggled with remembering the names of all of his children at the time, even omitting one of them from the list. Several of the women who have had Cromartie’s children are in touch, friends even. But Cromartie, a four-time Pro Bowler who made $7 million this season and will make $25 million through the next three seasons if he isn’t cut, doesn’t want to turn his life into a bigger circus than it already is.