April Fools Special – Athlete Pranks and Goofing Off

    It’s almost April Fools’ although some people like to start the April 1 tradition early. For the momentous occasion, here are some of the funnier pranks and goofing offs we could find from the World of Sports. Enjoy.

    Jason Thompson Getting a Popcorn Car

    The Kings’ Jason Thompson was supposed to bring bagles to practice – something rookies on the Kings usually do. Deciding not to or forgetting about it, he got Punk’d by his teammates, taking it out on his car. The popcornprank is probably the most popular among NBA players.

    Charles Barkley Getting a Gatorade Bath

    This is mostly about Barkley’s face the moment they threw the confetti on him. They should have used the real thing on him.

    Nate Robinson Messing with Shaq

    Nate Robinson, before leaving the Celtics, had a knack for messing with Shaq. There are a few of these with O’Neal on the recieving end, but my favorite, despite being pretty simple and silly, is Nate giving O’Neal some salty water.

    Popvich and a friendly kind of ‘Hack-a-Shaq’

    During the 2008 off season Shaquille O’Neal made some comments about the notorious foul line sending tactic. Popvich decided to bust his chops a little during the first game of the 2008-2009 season between the Suns and Spurs.

    Udonis Haslem Gives Dwyane Wade Shives on the Air

    Pique and Puyol Messing Around

    Gerard Pique (new Shakira boytoy) and Carles Puyol messing around with someone from Barcelona while watching a match.

    Matt Forte and Maurice Jones-Poo

    Hot Seat Prank

    Tim Hudson From Scream

    Tim Hudson scaring Eddie Perez.