Catchiest Soccer Fan Chant Ever???

Aris Fans

Image: Source

On my nightly browsing around the web and especially youtube, I came across this video of Aris Thessaloniki soccer fans (who have already been featured once on our site), and a song called Aris Kai Den Eimai Kala, and the song’s meaning, as a whole, is something around got no wife, no job, no home, But I’m crazy for Aris. Enchanting. Can’t get this song out of my head for a few days now. Actually, maybe the reason it hasn’t got out of my head is due to the fact it’s very similar to Offspring’s song “Why Don’t you get a job?” (Thanx D. for mentioning that). Anyway, whoever listens through the entire four minute clip which is highly addictive (warning!!), hope you enjoy but don’t get hooked like I am.

P.S. – Any Aris fans who have more information about the song , it’s origin or whatever, don’t hesitate to comment or mail us, I’d love more info to post on.