Arsenal – Robin van Persie Wants to Stay?

Opinions and minds change too quickly to keep track of in today’s football, and now Robin van Persie seems to have changed his mind regarding his future with Arsenal, tending to stay with the club, feeling happy about the signing they’ve made and going to make, with Santi Cazorla, Nuri Sahin and maybe even Gregory van der Wiel of Ajax on their way to the club.

From desperately wanting to leave – to Manchester, United or City; to Torino, to Juventus, anywhere but the underachieving club he has played for the last 8 seasons, RVP now wants to be part of the good things happening at the club. The Olivier Giroud and Podolski arrivals didn’t do enough for him, actually even serving as backup in case Van Persie does leave. That would also lead to Theo Walcott looking for a new team.

But with the Cazrola deal almost completed with the falling apart Malaga team and Nuri Sahin, despite Arsene Wenger denials, also on his way from Real Madrid to the Emirates, suddenly the Dutchman, last year’s top scorer with 30 league goals and the PFA winner for player of the year, sees a title at the end of the tunnel with the shiny new squad being built around him.

It’s still not over. Manchester City have taken it up a notch regarding their off-season, and are starting to send out more offers for players around Europe, starting with Daniel Agger from Liverpool, so far being rejected twice. Manchester United still have plans to use all the money from the IPO and the new deal with Chevrolet, and Juventus, according to more than one source, already have a contract ready and just need to work out the details with Arsenal.

There’s still Van Persie’s expiring contract to deal with. Juventus are rumored to be willing to offer £190,000 per week as salary. Van Persie may not have requested the move or announced he wasn’t planning on renewing his contract because of money, but there’s no doubt that it becomes more and more of a factor in his decision to leave the club. Arsenal have repeated that altough they are willing to make adjustments regarding their wage structure, they won’t be making a complete overhaul just to match Juve, Manchester City and Manchester United.

Suddenly, this season is beginning to look very promising for the gunners, but it still hangs on two deals that have yet to be completed, and a star player that suddenly isn’t sure where his best chances of winning titles reside.