Arsene Wenger Should be Fired by Arsenal at the End of This Season

Arsene Wenger

If Arsenal don’t win a championship at the end of the 2015-2016 Premier League season, Arsene Wenger should be fired.

You can copy paste these words on about every season for the last six or seven years. There comes a point, which this club is long past by now, where it has to be about more than making money and finishing in the top 4. And even if that’s the goal, why not go with someone cheaper, if money is so important to the ownership? Wenger hasn’t developed special talent in years. His best players are bought, and most of them haven’t shown significant improvement under him. They were good before and are good now, only not combining into something special that wins championships.

Fans no longer determine the personality of a club. Owners only care if they buy season tickets and merchandise, and that’s it. And Arsenal fans, for all their griping about being tired of Wenger keeping them stuck in some sort of comfort zone in both the league and the Champions League, will never stop going to matches and keeping the coffers full. And so, with Stan Kroenke seemingly pleased with what looks like another top 4 finish with some good moments along the season and another early exit against a European giant Arsenal will never be as good as, Wenger probably feels safe.

This is a huge failure of a season for Arsenal and especially for Wenger, once again showing he adds nothing out of the ordinary to this club. As much as he’s done for Arsenal and English football in general, managing a club isn’t some lifetime job one lands and never gets to let go. Patience is a virtue and often is paid off, but this is beyond patience and holding on to see something grow. This is stagnation, and accepting failure as a standard. And Arsenal, despite never winning the European Cup, is a massive club that should be about more than settling for OK. Wenger, at this point, is nothing more than OK.

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