Arsenal FC Transfer Rumors – Getting Closer to Angel di Maria

Angel di Maria

At this point it’s hard to tell reality from fiction regarding anything that has to do with Real Madrid and the upcoming changes in personnel, including recent news that an Arsenal offer for Angel di Maria has been accepted by Real Madrid, and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a Premier League player.

According to Marca, the 25-year old left winger, a position Arsenal would greatly enjoy some improvement in, isn’t too crazy about leaving the club, but he’s also not too keen on remaining a player that comes off the bench, which seems to be his role at the moment.

He arrived at Real Madrid in 2010 for £29 million, but there’s a chance Arsenal will be able to get him for slightly less. Real Madrid, on the verge of completing the Gareth Bale transfer according to rumors (while he’s hanging out in a Spanish Villa, not doing what his contract with Tottenham says he should be doing), need to sell players, including ones that have mostly done very well for them like Di Maria.

It’s easy to see the interest Arsenal have in Di Maria. Even though Podolski enjoyed a bright start to the season, he hasn’t been the most consistent of players on the left, and Di Maria should provide some sort of upgrade and give them a player with better passing & dribbling ability, without losing too much of the long range shooting qualities, while Podolski might be moved around to a different spot or to the bench.

But it’s too soon to say if this is actually 100% legit. Marca tend to throw around rumors without really caring what’s true and what’s not. It makes sense, so it’s not called out as complete BS, but Arsenal have been close to making these signings this summer and have come out empty handed, so it’s a bit too soon to claim Di Maria will be an Arsenal player by the end of the transfer window.

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