Arsenal FC Transfer Rumors – Interested in Signing Mesut Ozil & Angel di Maria

Di Maria, Ozil

It seems that the Arsenal chase after Real Madrid players isn’t over. The next couple of guys they’re looking to sign? Mesut Ozil, who reportedly unsettled with his current club due to salary issues and his playing time, while Angel di Maria, who isn’t too keen on leaving, might be included in the deal as well.

According to the Telegraph, Arsene Wenger has given up on his hopes to sign Karim Benzema or any striker at all, but he does want to add quality players, with Di Maria and Ozil obviously falling into that category. The price? It’ll take at least £60 million to make the combined signing. Even if Arsenal do have that kind of money to spend, their salaries are another thing that might torpedo the deal.

And it’s also hanging on the condition that Gareth Bale does sign with Real Madrid. Recent reports suggest that Tottenham have called the Welshman back to training, and the deal between them and Real Madrid, seeming imminent around 36 hours ago isn’t such a sure thing all of a sudden. Without Bale, Real Madrid aren’t going to sell either Ozil or Di Maria.

Ozil is unhappy at the moment. Not with his salary, and not with the fact that he seems to have lose somewhat of a standing at the Santiago Bernabeu, leaving unhappily after being replaced in the 65th minute during their 1-0 win over Granada. Di Maria did start for the first time this season, and according to reports in Spain he doesn’t even want to leave the club, but the arrival of Bale might change his decision about staying.

One big problem for Arsenal is salaries. Their strict wage structure doesn’t really allow them to make these kind of signings, as Ozil is looking for a salary of around €7 million per season, while Di Maria’s conditions won’t be too far off that. Maybe it’s time to show some flexibility in an attempt to compete with the bigger clubs in Europe, but right now conditions suggest that Arsenal’s interest will remain at that, without any substance or actual signings.

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