Arsene Wenger Singing ‘Let it Go’ From ‘Frozen’

In recent years Arsene Wenger has become a figure that it’s very easy to make fun of, so what’s another joke at his expense in the form of someone singing in his voice the ‘Let it Go’ song from the Disney hit ‘Frozen’, obviously changing the words to fit in with the very depressing reality at Arsenal.

So what is there to moan about? This version is about Cesc Fabregas and watching the once golden boy of Arsenal succeeding with their hated rival Chelsea. It focuses on Fabregas and his time with the Blues, but it mostly makes fun of Arsenal and Wenger himself.

How? The losses in big matches, the lack of trophies since 2005 (oh wait, there’s the 2014 FA Cup!!!), the key players just waiting for a chance to leave or the tendency of his best players to be injured at the wrong (or right) time.

Maybe this is Wenger’s last season with the Gunners. Maybe he’ll somehow find another excuse to keep him in power for another season, maybe more. Arsenal fans probably deserve a change. Unless they do finish out of the top 4, and then it’s going to come without them asking for it.

Arsene Wenger

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