Arsene Wenger So Bad It’s Meme Worthy

Arsene Wenger is undoubtedly going through his roughest patch as an Arsenal manager, with more and more voices among fans and pundits across the land calling for him to end his tenure as Arsenal manager, which began in 1996. Now, like everything Hot on the Internet, Wenger’s failings in 2011-2012 (and before to be honest) are immortalized in a “What People Think I Do/ What I really Do” meme.

Wenger seemed to be at an all-time earlier on this season, with the losses piling, the 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford against Manchester United the most memorable of them, and a panicky shopping spree that hasn’t added much to the club. Mikel Arteta’s presence is felt, but he hasn’t been influential as promised.

Robin van Persie entering a golden period did change the outlook of certain things, but a soft schedule also had a lot to do with that. The 4-0 drubbing at the San Siro left no one hopeful of a magical second leg in London. The FA Cup loss against Sunderland was a foreseen event.

The ownership? Seem to love him. Arsenal are a profitable club, competitive in their eyes, in the hunt for the Champions league. The fact that they aren’t even close to contending for the league or European title? That they have the fourth highest payroll in the league despite not actually purchasing anyone of a high caliber in a very long time?

Wenger has been feeding the young and growing stuff to everyone for years, but the bubble has already burst. The axes are flinging, and sooner or later, if the decline continues, it’ll hit him in the head eventually.