13 Best Memes of Donald Trump Throwing Toilet Paper

Air Trump

One of the best things about the Donald Trump administration, whether you agree with his actions or not, is the quality of memes it generates. The president chucking packages of bounty toilet paper into the crowd in Puerto Rico might be a new high (or low) since he came to office.

The memes vary. From an actual picture of him throwing the stuff into people’s hands, and on to more imaginative things, placing him deep in the basketball world – dunking on Frederic Weis during the Olympics, on the cover of a NBA2K game or his head on the body of Michael Jordan. I’m not sure which is the most disturbing.

Some people don’t take his stuff seriously. Others find his actions as another thing to criticize about Trump’s presidency. But the best thing every time is to make fun of it, good or bad. And there’s certainly plenty to laugh at in these memes.

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