AS Monaco – Planning to Buy Wayne Rooney & Carlos Tevez

If everything continues to go smoothly, AS Monaco will be a Ligue 1 team by next season, and the plans of Dmitry Rybolovlev to turn them into a European giant can proceed, with the reunion of Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez being planned as their big summer move after securing promotion.

Monaco are owned by one of the richest men in the world, but there is only so much money can do when you’re stuck in the second division in France. Luckily, Monaco are on their way to secure promotion, leading the league with 57 points, nine away from the fourth place, which promises another season away from the spotlight.

While players like Ibrahima Touré and Valère Germain are good to earn the promotion, the sights of the people running the club are a little bit bigger, looking back to the 2004 Champions League final, which was the best Monaco ever reached in a European competition, and things kinda went downhill from that moment.

So how do you turn yourself into the next PSG? Simple – purchase the right kind of players, before we even get into the financial fair play issues. Targeting expensive yet unsettled stars just might be the way to go about your business, and two names that have been in the headlines regarding a move elsewhere have been former Manchester United teammates, Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez.

According to reports in England, Monaco have opened talks with Manchester United about Rooney, claiming they will blow any offer United receive out of the water, even if teams like Anzhi, Bayern Munich and PSG might be interested in their star player. Carlos Tevez is always an enigma – even his desire to continue to play football is always questioned. Maybe a change of scenery for him, and especially getting away from Roberto Mancini, will be an improvement on his mood.

The two played alongside each other for two seasons (2007-2009), winning two league titles with the team and the Champions League in 2008.