Asmir Begovic Scores From His Own Box (Stoke vs Southampton)

Asmir Begovic

Goalkeeper goals are quite a rare occurrence, especially when it’s a clearance kick that travels the whole pitch and land in the other net. Asmir Begovic scored one for Stoke in their Southampton, which also makes him the joint top scorer for the team this season, making Artur Boruc look quite bad.

Amazingly, Begovic scored the goal after only 18 seconds of football – clearing it high up the pitch, only to be left alone by the two centre backs. Boruc was too high up the box to do anything about the high bounce the ball got. By the time he turned around to try and save the day, it was too late, and Begovic had himself one of the most amazing goals we’ve seen this season.

Southampton played one of its weakest matches since the beginning of the season, but still equalized through Jay Rodriguez, which keeps Stoke City quite close to the relegation zone, while Southampton remain high up the table at fifth place, currently only three points behind Arsenal, who still have a match to play against Liverpool.

This is the first time in Begovic’s career that he’s scored a goal, especially the kind we get to see maybe once a year from goalkeepers. Obviously, there are those who take set pieces for their teams, but Begovic isn’t that kind of player. However, we recently did see a similar goal from Tim Howard for Everton, in something that is pure luck and coincidence, but more than anything else bad goalkeeping on Boruc’s part.

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