Aurelien Chedjou Tells Emmanuel Eboue to Stop Wasting Time

Even though Galatasaray were pleased to come away with a draw from their away match in Torino against Juventus, Aurelien Chedjou was having none of Emmanuel Eboue’s time wasting antics, even though it meant chastising his own teammate in front of everyone.

With Galatasaray just equalizing to make it 2-2 and having only two minutes remaining, the Ivorian wing back decided it’d be a good idea to start wasting time. He supposedly got hit on his back, but started grabbing his face, as footballers tend to do when they’re trying to chew up the clock and get home with a good result.

Cameroonian defender Chedjou was having none of that. It’s interesting to see how social media and public appearance might be becoming something that matters more and more to footballers, as the revelations of their diving and cheating moments are more easily revealed.

Maybe Chedjoy is just into fair play more than others, because it was quite shocking to see him yelling at his own teammate, forcing him to carry on playing instead of wasting time, which isn’t something most players do. Some things are more important than the result, even in these cynical times.