Not So Classic NBA Moments – Avery Johnson and Josh Howard

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It’s rough being an NBA fan right about now. No hope for a quick resolution to the lockout. As Derek Fisher put it – It’s been awfully quiet. The biggest news came yesterday, as FIBA announced it’s fine by them if NBA players sign deals with European teams for the up coming season. At their own expense, or their new teams, insurance-wise. They must also include an immediate return clause if the Lockout ends. Let exodus begin… or is that premature?

Putting serious and sadder business behind us, I came upon a rather aging video on the web today, with Avery Johnson during his Mavs’ head coaching days. Four straight 50+ win seasons, one NBA Finals appearance, but also two straight first round exits that ended his job. His funniest moment during that four year span had to be this priceless cupping, accidental of course, of Josh Howard while getting a player on to come in. Dampier’s towel game and him hiding behind Howard when coach comes steaming along makes this even better than Johnson inflicting damage on Howard’s family jewels.