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NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Need Dirk Nowitzki to Help Them Out

Posted on 25 Jun, 2017, by in NBA

At this point, the Dallas Mavericks seem to be operating with two things in mind: Trying to become a legitimate playoff team in the West again, and giving Dirk Nowitzki the kind of retirement years he deserves. More

NBA Rumors: Dallas Mavericks Counting on Deron Williams & Wesley Matthews to Bounce Back

Posted on 18 Sep, 2016, by in NBA

Whether they actually believe it, or simply have no choice, the Dallas Mavericks rely heavily on a vulnerable backcourt consisting of Deron Williams and Wesley Matthews, with the point guard especially crucial to their plans, considering they didn’t go out and get someone who can push D-Will out of the lineup. More

Dirk Nowitzki Meme Making Fun of Seth Curry, Dallas Mavericks Current Situation

Posted on 25 Aug, 2016, by in NBA

The Dallas Mavericks never expected to sign someone like Stephen Curry in this free agency, but it’s hard to imagine Dirk Nowitzki not being disappointed when Seth Curry is one of the additions, as this meme, which is more of a criticism at the state of the Dallas Mavericks, describes. More

Dallas Mavericks Season Preview: Dirk Nowitzki, Mark Cuban and Not a Lot of Change

Posted on 8 Aug, 2016, by in NBA

Familiarity is good, but in the case of the Dallas Mavericks, it means being stuck in a rut. Dirk Nowitzki is still here, waiting for better teammates, knowing Mark Cuban won’t land him any, which means the Mavericks won’t go very far in the playoffs, again. More

Phoenix Suns – Amare Stoudemire Should Have Retired With Them

Posted on 27 Jul, 2016, by in NBA

There are two kind of What If stories in the NBA, or in sports in general: What if certain decisions were or weren’t made (regarding a trade or player/team decision), and what if a specific player wasn’t plagued by injuries. More

Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and the Difference Between Kobe Bryant & Dirk Nowitzki

Posted on 26 Jul, 2016, by in NBA

By holding on to Dirk Nowitzki and overpaying him to finish his career, the Dallas Mavericks probably doomed themselves to a few more years of mediocrity, which is similar but still so different from how the Los Angeles Lakers handled the Kobe Bryant situation in his final two years. More

NBA Rumors – Lakers, Mavs, Jazz, Pistons & Wizards Interested in Signing Maurice Harkless

Posted on 12 Jul, 2016, by in NBA

One restricted free agent who seems to be biding his time is Maurice Harkless, who has an offer from the Portland Trail Blazers, but is still waiting for a better one, hoping that the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons come through and follow their interest. More

NBA Rumors – Kevin Durant to Warriors Aftermath: Thunder, Mavericks, Spurs, Westbrook, Duncan, Gasol, Barnes & Bogut

Posted on 4 Jul, 2016, by in NBA

The NBA is going through an earthquake, as Kevin Durant leaves the Oklahoma City Thunder for the warm embrace of the Golden State Warriors. The league is changing as we speak, with the Dallas Mavericks leaping on leavings like Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes, Tim Duncan probably retiring and the San Antonio Spurs replacing him with Pau Gasol, and the Oklahoma City Thunder now facing a huge Russell Westbrook problem. More

NBA Rumors – Golden State Warriors Trading Andrew Bogut; Making Room for Kevin Durant

Posted on 4 Jul, 2016, by in NBA

The big domino has fallen: The Golden State Warriors have signed Kevin Durant, which means they’ll have to make cap room. They’ll begin doing it with Andrew Bogut.


NBA Rumors – Dallas Mavericks Can’t Give Dirk Nowitzki Another Championship

Posted on 4 Jul, 2016, by in NBA

Shortly after celebrating his 38th birthday, Dirk Nowitzki has a decision to make: Go back to the Dallas Mavericks to sign what might be his final contract in the NBA, or take a chance, and try to find somewhere he has a better shot of winning a championship at. More