How to Break the Backboard

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    It can mean you’re too heavy. It can mean you hung on the rim for just too long. It can mean the board or rim weren’t built right. It can also mean you amazingly strong or just plain awesome. Either way, it’s always great to see that glass shatter after a dunk.

    Shaquille O’Neal

    The Brute Force that is Shaquille O’Neal. Before he was the best center and probably player in the league during the Lakers’ three-peat, Shaq was mostly a juggernaut in the paint. Not a lot of moves and offensive versatility – just pure power, managing to bring down a basket or two.

    Darryl Dawkins

    Nicknamed “Chocalate Thunder” for his dunks, Dawkins was one of the first players to enter the league without playing any college ball and one of the most powerful dunkers in the history of the NBA. He Broke two backboards in three weeks, causing the league to threaten him and anyone else with a fine and suspension if they break another rim. This next video shows those dunks and showcases remarks from those who were there to see it happen.

    Michael Jordan

    You don’t have to be a big-man to break boards. Michael Jordan did it himself back in 1985 while playing for a “Nike” team in Italy in some sort of exhibition game.

    Kevin Love

    Before he was the meanest double double machine in the NBA, Kevin Love shattered some backboards during his high-school years.

    LeBron James

    Here is LeBron James doing in it during a high school practice.

    Jerome Lane

    A forgotten NBA player but one of the best rebounders around during his college years and later when playing basketball in Spain, Lane also served one of the meanest dunks in NCAA history during his PITT days.