Baltimore Ravens – History Says They’ll Win Super Bowl XLVII

No, not because Joe Flacco said he thinks of himself as the best quarterback in the NFL. Not because the AFC hasn’t had a champion since the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008. It’s because the Baltimore Ravens are playing the Philadelphia Eagles in the Eagles’ home opener, and for the last three seasons, whoever plays that game against the Eagles wins, and goes on to win the Super Bowl.

2009, Week 2 of the Regular season. The New Orleans Saints come into Lincoln Financial Field and beat the Eagles 48-22, Drew Brees throws for 311 yards and three touchdowns, while Kevin Kolb throws for 391 yards but the Eagles turnover the ball four times. The Saints went on to finish the season 13-3, beating the Arizona Cardinals, the Minnesota Vikings and finally the Indianapolis Colts to win the franchise’s first Super Bowl.

2010, Week 1. The Green Bay Packers come into Philly and make it despite Aaron Rodgers having a normal or even subpar day, throwing for 188 yards, two touchdowns and getting intercepted twice. The Eagles’ offense was all Michael Vick, throwing for 175 yards and running for 103, but in the end, the Packers came away with the 27-20 win. The Packers finished the season only 10-6, going on to beat the Eagles in the Wild Card playoffs, the Falcons, the Bears and eventually the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl.

2011, Week 3. Eli Manning puts up a clinic with 254 yards and four touchdown passes, enjoying the emergence of Victor Cruz (110 yards, two touchdowns) as the Eagles realize their super team isn’t that great after all, falling to 1-2 at that point, allowing 15 unanswered points by the Giants despite going in with a one point lead in the fourth quarter. The Giants go on to beat the Falcons, Packers and the 49ers in the playoffs, before outplaying the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl once again.

This year? The Baltimore Ravens, who were one good play and one good kick away from the Super last year, losing to the Patriots 23-20 in the AFC Championship game. Billy Cundiff missed a 32 yard field goal with 11 second on the clock, ruining Flacco outplaying Tom Brady. The Ravens to win the AFC? Makes sense. The big question is what happens if the Eagles actually win their home opener? Does that mean they go on to win the Super Bowl for the first time ever?