Baltimore Ravens – Everyone is Getting Arrested

Jimmy Smith

Maybe it’s boredom, but it’s hard to define what it is about the Baltimore Ravens and five of their players this season, as Jimmy Smith becomes the next in line to be arrested by the police, joining Ray Rice, Jah Reid, Deonte Thompson and Lorenzo Taliaferro.

It doesn’t seem, at the moment, that Smith is going to be heavily punished for his arrest. He was charged for misdemeanor disorderly conduct. According to the police, Smith was helping an intoxicated woman into the toilet of a bar in Towson. Medics arrived after she became nauseated, and with them the police. Smith was asked to step aside but he refused to comply, saying several times that he was helping the woman. Smith became argumentative when they asked him to step into the hallway, but was cooperative after being arrested.

Ray Ric has been an ongoing and seemingly much more serious issue, who was charged with aggravated assault and has been accepted into a pretrial diversion program. Jah Reid has been accepted into the same program after a misdemeanor battery charge.

Deonte Thompson was charged with possession of marijuana, but the charges were later dropped. Taliaferro, a rookie, was charged with misdemeanor destruction of property while being drunk and disorderly, and has a July 31 court date to appear on.

Smith, a 25-year old cornerback who has some off field issues in college when playing for Colorado which hurt his draft stock eventually recently got extended for a fifth season with the Ravens worth $6.5 million in 2015. They’re working on an extension with him, although this arrest and what might turn up from it could change those negotiations.

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