26 Best Memes of Germany Beating Argentina in the World Cup Final

It’s over. Germany are the world champions, beating Argentina in the final. Lionel Messi wins the award for best player and no one understands why. Cristiano Ronaldo, obviously, gets mentioned as well. Meme and joke makers didn’t forget about him as well.

Si Era Penal might be the new phrase in Argentina now. They’re convinced that it was a foul by Manuel Neuer as he cleared a ball and then kneed Gonzalo Higuain in the head. Accidentally, but I guess it’s open to interpretation.

But there will always be someone who complains. Argentina are still complaining about losing to West Germany in the 1990 World Cup as well. Maybe there’s a pattern here. Mario Gotze didn’t pay attention to any of that. He simply did what he should have after coming on for Miroslav Klose in the 88th minute, scoring the winning goal, and putting his name in the golden pages of FIFA’s World Cup history books.

Lionel Messi didn’t smile when he got the award, why would he? No one in Argentina smiled after the final. They weren’t the better team, but they were a bit more dangerous than Germany throughout the match. Some say this is the different between a team and one player. That’s just trying to put a label on it. Germany were better throughout this World Cup, and it’s good to see the best team also come away with the trophy.

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