Barcelona, Lionel Messi and the Goals that Just Don’t Stop

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For the fourth time this season and the second match in a row, Barcelona have beaten a team in more than decisive fashion. At least 5-0, this time coming on a rainy Belarusian night against BATE Borisov. Not exactly a European giant, but Barcelona should have a harder time in a Champions League away match, right? And Lionel Messi? He’s already at 14 goals in all competitions this year after two goals.

This brings Messi’s Champions League tally up to 39, two goals behind Alessandro Del Piero on the all time rankings. It’s pretty certain that he’ll be ahead of the Italian legend before the group stage is over. Cristiano Ronaldo just reached 30 goals in the win over Ajax, but Messi is in a different pace, leading the competition in scoring the last three seasons.

So how have the goals been pouring this season? Well, Barcelona have scored in all 10 formal matches – League, Europe and Super Cups. They haven’t scored less than 2 goals, haven’t lost, and have already scored at least 5 four times, including 8-0 over Osasuna 10 days ago. Their goals record these past four matches? 20-2.

Problems? I don’t see too many of them. BATE Borisov aren’t exactly a formidable team, but the Champions League is the champions league, but as their defense slowly comes back to itself, the fragility point and any talks of a crisis in Guardiola’s fourth season slowly evaporate.

Back to Messi, who’ll end this segment – He’s with 8 goals in his last four matches, scoring two league hat tricks against Osasuna and Atletico Madrid. Every game it’s something different. Dribbling one match, surprising ability to release powerful shots with hardly any momentum into the motion the next, like today. He doesn’t seem to be planning on losing “the best player in the world” title any time soon. This season, I don’t think he’ll be happy about missing out on the top scorer in Spain title either.