Barcelona vs Real Madrid – A Future Clasico on PES 2022

Has the Clasico gotten bigger in recent years, our like most things media related in our lives, the internet has blown it out of proportions? Either way, the first Clasico of 2011-2012 will take place this weekend in Madrid with La Liga leaders Real Madrid hosting Barcelona.

Out of all the previews and compairsons between Messi and Ronaldo, Mourinho and Guardiola, the talk of Real Madrid’s rise and the Jose Mourinho second year syndrome (positive) while the lack of hunger or just finally the deterioration of the machine at Barcelona, you get the sense we’ve been here before.

The squads haven’t changed that much in the last two-three seasons and last year’s four clasico in just over two weeks drove the match and subject into an obsession level fever. With me, with us, with everyone pretty much. New ideas and takes on the game: Hard to find.

Still, Gökhan Karadayi took last year’s second leg of the Champions League semi final (ending in a 1-1 draw) and Pro Evolutionized it, making it look like some sort of legends match when you’ll get to play the 2022 version. Who knows, we might be actually playing and watching something that looks exactly like the live experience by then.