13 Best Memes of Clayton Kershaw & the Los Angeles Dodgers Choking Against the Houston Astros

Let's hear it

Game 5 of the 2017 World Series has already been described as one of the best to ever been played. What we’ll mostly remember is the Houston Astros coming back twice to win with a walk-off single, and the Los Angeles Dodgers choking away big leads, Clayton Kershaw more than anyone else.

So it’s no wonder the memes focused on the Dodgers’ ace following the Astros 13-12 win (Alex Bregman with the walk-off single), who can’t seem to shake his postseason shadows, looming large over his regular season for year after year.

Kershaw wasn’t the only who blew it. Kenley Jansen was the one who gave up the Astros’ game winning run, and overall it was a rough night for bullpens on both teams. But with the Astros heading to LA needing just one win to finish the job and win the franchise’s first World Series, the focus is obviously on the Dodgers biggest star who didn’t deliver.

For the second straight year, MLB’s world series is stealing the thunder from the struggling NFL – this time without the historical context the Cubs-Indians series had; they’re doing it with good, fun-to-watch baseball, which makes us wish we get two more games before we wrap up this season for good.

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