17 Best Memes of the New York Yankees Knocking Out the Cleveland Indians from the Playoffs

Poor Indians

And so, it happened again. The Cleveland Indians had a two game lead and they blew it. This time, the New York Yankees were the ones to come from behind and win the decider in Cleveland. Obviously, there was plenty to make fun of through memes.

This time it was 2-0 for the Indians. Last year in the World Series it was 3-1 over the Cubs, and we all remember how that ended. Turns out that an incredible finish to the season, including a record-breaking winning streak, and finishing with 102 regular season wins, isn’t enough to get you through the ALDS.

Meanwhile, the Yankees, who have had very little postseason success since winning the World Series in 2009, might be forging a new chapter in their bulky playoff lore. The names that might be etched forever by the end of the month, Didi Gregorius and Brett Gardner, delivered in the biggest way possible to make sure the Indians get left with nothing.

Yankee fans were probably cheering for the Astros until today, enjoying how they made quick work of the Boston Red Sox in the parallel ALDS. Now, it’s a new challenge for the Yankees, who turn out to be more than just an impressive hitting team, something the Indians didn’t take into account.

Who is your daddy

Told you they'd blow it

Indians Losers

Chokes away two game lead

Strike Zone difference

Upgraded Jeter

LeBron Yankees Hat

He'll be Alright

Sad Mets Fans

Jobu Crying Jordan

Live Chicken

Crying Jordan Indians Pitcher

Indians Logo Crying Jordan

Full Moon over Cleveland

Terry Francona Indians

Crying Jordan Kluber