12 Best Memes of Max Scherzer & the Washington Nationals Choking Against the Chicago Cubs

Max Scherzer Crying Jordan

With the season on the line, the Washington Nationals called on Max Scherzer to finally help them win a playoff series. It didn’t work. He fell apart, the Chicago Cubs came back, and the memes did what they do every year with the Nats.

Scherzer came on in the 5th inning as special relief, with the Nationals leading 4-3. He gave up 4 runs, including one very controversial Javier Baez moment, and the Cubs rode the momentum to the NLCS, once again facing the Los Angeles Dodgers for the ticket to the World Series.

The team formerly known as the Montreal Expos has been in Washington since 2005. They’ve won 80 games or more in a season every year since 2011. They’ve made the playoffs four times since 2012, winning the NL East four times as well. They are still unable to get past the NLCS, with the franchise’s last playoff series win coming in 1981.

The Cubs aren’t doing things as smoothly as last season, but it’s hard to believe the Dodgers are going to have their way with them like they did with the Diamondbacks in the parallel series.

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