Bastian Schweinsteiger – Another Big Name on Chelsea’s List?

When a club owner sits down with a player from another club, what does it mean? When Roman Abramovich of Chelsea visits the German Euro camp in the Ukraine and talks with Bastian Schweinsteiger from Bayern Munich, what does it mean?

Apparently, according to Schweinsteiger himself, it means nothing. Since Abramovich’s surprise visit to the German Euro camp rumors about the Bayern Munich & Germany midfielder have been circling faster and faster, moving down the grapevine. But according to everyone involved, the meeting between the two had nothing in it regarding a move from the Allianz Arena to Stamford Bridge.

Schweinsteiger missed one of the penalties in the Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea, and he also missed a big chunk of the season due to an injury, one of the reasons that Bayern finished behind Dortmund in the Bundesliga title race for a second consecutive year, with the other reason being Dortmund are simply a better team.

Schweinsteiger has been on the cross-hairs of Premier League clubs for about three seasons now, especially after the 2010 World Cup which was such an impressive affair on the German side, ending only against Spain in the Semi Final. Schweinsteiger, a winger transformed into a central midfielder, especially impressed during the 4-0 win over Argentina. Chelsea and Manchester United have been the usual suspects when trying to link the 27 year old player with clubs in England.

According to German head coach, Joachim Low, Abramovich did visit them and have a talk with Schweinsteiger. According to Schweinsteiger himself, it meant nothing – I was surprised to see him and wondered why he was here. I’ve congratulated him and we had a brief chat. No, he didn’t make me an offer.

According to Low, there was nothing regarding a contract or transfer offer involved in the meeting – They were having a laugh with each other, and Bastian congratulated him with the Champions League win. I don’t think there’s anything behind the meeting.

But that is the nature of summer. Every little hint at a transfer makes everyone jump, especially when it’s such a high profile one. Don’t expect this to be the last ‘crazy’ transfer rumor you hear during the tournament and the next couple of months, despite whatever your good instincts might be telling you.