Bayern Munich Are So Good Manuel Neuer is Getting Bored

It’s been quite a boring season around the major European leagues, with the exception of one or two. The title race in the Bundesliga seems to have been over before the winter break, but that hasn’t stopped Bayern Munich from crushing everything in their pat, and leaving Manuel Neuer unemployed and bored.

Bayern are safely leading the league, 15 points ahead of Borussia Dortmund, scoring 55 goals and conceding only 7(!!!) after the first 21 league matches. They haven’t conceded a goal in their last five (including a Cup match), winning by a combined scoreline of 13-0. In their last four league matches, Manuel Neuer has had to make a total of 4 saves. Four saves, and that’s it. No wonder he’s bored out of his mind, regardless of what goes on the pitch, preferring to keep himself entertained by trading passes with Thomas Muller on the sidelines.

It’ll be interesting to see just how strong of a lineup Bayern will be fielding to their away visit in Wolfsburg, four days before the Champions League match against Arsenal. Maybe with a weakened lineup, we’ll see someone getting close to scoring against the future champions.

Via: Dirty Tackle