Bayern Munich – The Cost of Building the Current Squad

    Building a dominant side such as Bayern Munich have been in 2013 takes more than just an excellent youth system, which is apparent in this squad, but also making quite a few expensive signings over the years, unlike other Bundesliga sides, bringing players like Franck Ribery, Javi Martinez and Arjen Robben for huge sums, totaling at €235.3 million.

    While players like Bastian Schweinsteiger, Phillip Lahm, Thomas Muller and David Alaba, all first team players, came through their own junior team, the majority of influential players are also from the Bundesliga, with Bayern picking the best of what’s close to them in order to become stronger.

    Just like Mario Gotze coming from Dortmund in a couple of months, Bayern plucked Dante, Mario Gomez, Mario Mandzukic and Manuel Neuer in order to ensure that a title-less season doesn’t have too much of a negative effect.

    Daniel Van Buyten, 2006

    The Belgian defender arrived in the summer of 2006 and is the longest-staying outsider currently with the club. He arrived from Hamburg for a fee of €14 million, appearing in 143 matches for Bayern over the years, losing his place in the lineup over the last few seasons, appearing only 10 times in 2012-2013. He has 19 goals in the Bundesliga for the team, winning three league titles.

    Franck Ribery, 2007

    Franck Ribery Bayern Munich

    Ribery arrived at Bayern from Marseille for €25 million, immediately becoming the best player in the Bundesliga and propelling himself into the status of one of the best wingers in the world. Despite persistent rumors, it doesn’t look like he’s leaving anytime soon, so far appearing 153 times for the club in the league, scoring 51 goals and adding 74 assists. He has won three league titles with the team.

    Arjen Robben, 2009

    Robben cost €25 million to bring over from Real Madrid, immediately becoming the most dominant player of the side, scoring 23 goals in 37 matches to help Bayern win the league title and German Cup in 2010, also carrying them on his back through the Champions League hurdles before losing in the final. In the two seasons that followed he has earned a name as a choker despite remaining quite dominant, although has done well this season at a reduced role after coming back from injury. In 76 league matches with the team he has scored 44 goals.

    Anatoliy Tymoschuk, 2009

    The Ukrainian midfielder arrived from Zenit for €14 million, although has never seen a consistent run in the lineup of the team, mostly used as a gap filler after injuries to Bastian Schweinsteiger or anyone else playing besisdes the home grown player in the middle of the pitch. This season he has appeared 14 times for Bayern, mostly coming off the bench.

    Mario Gomez, 2009

    Mario Gomez

    One of the more prolific scorers in Europe over the last few seasons, Gomez has lost his place in the lineup this year due to a better player coming in and an injury that kept him out of the first XI earlier on. He arrived from Stuttgart in 2009 and after a disappointing first season (still won the league title), Gomez turned into one of the more lethal finishers for the next two seasons, scoring 80 goals in 97 matches. His record for Bayern in nearly four seasons is 110 goals in 168 matches. He cost €30 million to bring over.

    Manuel Neuer, 2011

    Neuer, the German national team first choice as goalkeeper, arrived from Schalke for €22 million at the beginning of the 2011-2012 season. After a turbulent debut season in which he needed some time to earn the backing of the local fans, also hurt by uncharacteristic mistakes, he has once again shown the form that earned him the transfer from their rivals nearly two seasons ago, conceding only 14 Bundesliga goals this season and 0 in their last three matches in the Champions League.

    Rafinha, 2011

    The Brazilian right back cost €5.5 million to bring over from Genoa in 2011, although he also had a past in the Bundesliga, playing five seasons with Schalke prior to his Serie A episode. He was a starting player during his first season with the team but has featured only 11 times this season, mostly coming off the bench.

    Jerome Boateng, 2011

    The versatile German defender has been mostly a lineup player during his first couple of season with Bayern, although he has been playing much better through his second season with the team after a shaky first one, which had him being shifted around the defensive line to fill certain needs. He cost €13.5 million to bring from Manchester City.

    Luis Gustavo, 2011

    The Brazilian midfielder arrived from Hoffenheim in 2011 for €17 million, and was used more during his first season in the team, getting 28 matches in the Bundesliga, with his role being reduced to mostly bench appearances in 2012-2013, so far appearing 19 times for the team in the league.

    Dante, 2012


    The Brazilian centre back was purchased from Borussia Monchengladbach for €4.7 million, which seems to make him one of the more economical signings made this season across Europe, providing the stability and toughness the Bayern defense seemed to lack in previous seasons. Thanks to his ability with Bayern he has also earned his first call ups to the national team, so far appearing twice.

    Javi Martinez, 2012

    The most expensive player in the history of the Bundesliga, arriving from Athletic Bilbao for €40 million after a long and frustrating summer, eventually triggering his release clause with a gargantuan fee. Along with Dante, Martinez has been simply fantastic as the defensive partner to Bastian Schweinsteiger, helping Bayern achieve an unbelievable defensive record after returning to his favorite position, following a season at centre back with the Basque team.

    Xherdan Sahqiri, 2012

    The talented Swiss was signed from FC Basel for  €11.6 million and has so far made most of his appearances off the bench, scoring 3 goals in the Bundesliga, but there’s no doubt that he’ll be getting a lot more time in the lineup in the very near future.

    Mario Mandzukic, 2012

    Mario Mandzukic

    The Croatian striker arrived from Wolfsburg and immediately took over the starting role of Mario Gomez, showing the same scoring ability with a lot more all-around contribution, so far with 15 goals in 21 league matches. He cost Bayern €13 million to bring over from Wolfsburg, and is one of the biggest impacts on a team that seem invincible at the moment.