Bayern vs Chelsea – The Infographic

Chelsea aren’t heading into their second Champions League final in prime condition. Bayern Munich are still licking their wounds from a devastating 2-5 defeat in the German Cup final against the new bullies in the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund.

Jupp Heynckes has a pretty good notion this is his last match as the Bayern Munich head coach. Even if he wins the trophy, there’s no guaruntee he’ll stay. I think things are a little simpler for Roberto Di Matteo. Despite the FA Cup, he replaced Andre Villas-Boas so he can keep Chelsea in the Champions League. The league finish prevented that from happening, as he threw everything he had at the Champions League. It worked with Napoli, Benfica and Barcelona.

On paper, Bayern are the better side. They’ve got home advantage, being the fourth team to play at their home stadium in the Cup final. The last two – Benfica in 1965 and Roma in 1984, lost the match. There are no guarantees, even with having the majority in the stands; even with the better squad. Just ask Barcelona on how their Camp Nou experience with Chelsea was.