BCS Mess Ups in the Last 10 Years

    Another year, and the BCS Controversies just don’t stop. They’ve been around since the forming of the BCS in 1998, beginning a whole struggle of human polls vs computers, big schools vs small schools and conference vs conference. This year, it’s the whole Oklahoma State missing out in favor of Alabama to play LSU.

    Money and pride. But mostly money keeps this BCS machine going. Money and making the final BCS standings somewhat of a popularity contest have raised the voices calling for a playoff, finally, in College Football, year after year.


    For once, there was no problem with the national title game but with who went to the Rose Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl was the Championship decider, getting Miami and Ohio State. Now, Iowa, the Big Ten co-champion along with the Buckeyes got invited to the Orange Bowl, and the Rose Bowl picked Oklahoma. Now, instead of having the traditional Pac-10 champion play in the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl got USC and had a “Rose Bowl East”, while the actual Rose Bowl played Oklahoma and Washington State. The 2003 Rose Bowl was the first non-sellout since 1944.


    For the first time since 1996, no team in the I-A football division finished the season undefeated. Oklahoma, USC and LSU finished the season with one loss. Now, USC were ranked #1 in the AP and Coaches poll, but the computers didn’t favor their schedule. Oklahoma went undefeated in the regular season but were crushed by Kansas State 35-7 in the Big 12 Championship game. LSU were the computers’ favorite and went on to play Oklahoma for the national title, beating the Sooners 21-14 in the Sugar Bowl. USC beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl, remaining #1 in the polls.

    Now, coaches were contractually obliged to vote for LSU as the #1 team in the nation because they won the BCS title game. The AP named USC its champion, while three head coaches (Lou Holtz, Mike Bellotti and Ron Turner) went against the herd and voted for USC as the Coaches champion.


    Five undefeated teams – USC, Auburn, Oklahoma, Boise State and Utah. Not every undefeated team is like the other, so USC and Oklahoma got to play for the national title at the Orange Bowl. Utah were the first Non-BCS team to play in a BCS bowl, beating Pittsburgh 35-7. Boise State only got to play, and lose, in the Liberty Bowl. Auburn played beat Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl.

    The biggest mayhem came when Texas jumped California in the rankings thanks to persuasive lobbying from Mack Brown, saying Texas should get to play in the Rose Bowl over “lesser teams.”


    Pretty similar to this year. Boise State were undefeated, but as usual, were shunned from playing for the big prize. Ohio State won the Big Ten, going undefeated. Louisville, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida lost once. Michigan played Ohio State in a huge game, losing 42-39 in their rivalry match. Many called for them to have a rematch for the national title. Florida ousted Michigan at #2 by 0.101 points due to the human polls. Florida went on to beat Ohio State.

    Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl and finished the season as the only undefeated school. Wisconsin and Auburn didn’t even get to play in a BCS bowl because no more than 2 teams from each conference can play for BCS bowls. The Big Ten already had Michigan and Ohio State, the SEC had Florida and LSU. Auburn beat both LSU and Florida that season.


    A season in which no #1 team managed to remain up there. LSU, Missouri and West Virginia all blew their shots. Ohio State, idle for the last two weeks of the season, jumped from #5 to #1 in the rankings thanks to not losing, not for winning. Hawai’i were undefeated and got a BCS bowl, nothing more. LSU, with two losses, got to play one loss Ohio State for the BCS title, continuing the SEC dominance.

    Missouri finished with a #6 rankings (two losses, both to Oklahoma) but still missed out on a bowl game #8 Kansas got picked by the Orange Bowl. Georgia didn’t play for the conference championship but were arguably the strongest team in the nation. Unlike Alabama, they only played for a BCS bowl.


    The Big 12 South ended in a three way tie. Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech finished with one loss. Oklahoma lost to Texas 45-35, Texas Tech beat Texas 39-33 and Texas Tech lost to Oklahoma 65-21. Oklahoma finished as the highest ranked team among them in the BCS standings, so they played for the Big 12 title and won. In the SEC, Florida beat Alabama in the Conference Championship Game, jumping to #2 in the nation and beat Oklahoma for the national title.

    Boise State, Ball State and Utah were undefeated but didn’t get the call for the national title game. Only Utah played in a BCS bowl, beating Alabama and finishing the season undefeated once again. Five months later the BCS presidential oversight committee rejected the 8 team playoff plan.


    Five teams finished the season undefeated – Alabama (beating Florida in the SEC Championship game), Texas, Cincinnati, TCU and Boise State. Texas beat Nebraska in a highly controversial clock rewinding incident, giving them a 13-12 win in the Big 12 title game. Texas and Alabama played for the national title for another SEC win.

    Boise State and TCU were matched against each other, causing a huge outcry making the BCS look cowardly and simply like a cartel, not giving annual BCS busters a chance to beat teams from stronger conferences and a shot of both finishing the season undefeated, causign more headaches and criticism for the BCS.


    TCU finished the season undefeated once again, just like Auburn and Oregon. Still, they only got to play in the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin, beating the Badgers while Auburn went on to win the national title. E.Grodon Gee, president of Ohio State, made some very controversial comments stating teams from non-BCS conferences shouldn’t be allowed to compete for the BCS national title.


    We’ve been hammering about this for weeks, so lets make this short. LSU are the only undefeated team in the nation, easily the #1 team. Alabama and Oklahoma State both have one loss. Alabama already lost to LSU and didn’t play for the SEC title. Oklahoma State beat Oklahoma this weekend to win the Big 12.

    The computers like the Cowboys, the polls liked Nick Saban. Alabama will play LSU for an All-SEC rematch in the BCS championship game. Boise State and Stanford also finished the season with one loss. Stanford will play in a BCS bowl, Boise State won’t.