Bears Over Jaguars – Quarterback Battles Steals the Show

Bears beat Jaguars

While the Chicago Bears came away as the winners from their preseason game with the Jacksonville Jaguars, beating them 20-19, it was the battle for the starting spot between Chad Henne and Blake Bortles, both putting on a solid performance, that stole most of the attention, while Jay Cutler continued to look very confident for the winning side.

The Jaguars keep trying to find a way, or just one player, one quarterback, to bring them out of this long rut they’ve been stuck in. The Blaine Gabbert experience didn’t go so well, and this season they continue to try with a combination of a seasoned back up who has had moments of starting through his career and a rookie quarterback no one is quite sure about as a pro QB.

Henne was the one who started for the Jaguars, leading them to three scoring drives in the first quarter, including a touchdown pass to Marqise Lee, their rookie wide receiver out of USC who the Jags hope pans out better than the previous time they had high hopes for a rookie wide receiver. Lee might not come with the pedigree of Blackmon, but he’s probably going to cause a lot less problems.

When Henne stepped away from the field, the Jags were leading 13-7. He completed 12-of-17 passes, looked very confident in the pocket, throwing for 130 yards. Bortles? He’s much more of a running threat than Henne and most other quarterbacks, but he took off only twice for six yards. His throwing looked good as well, completing 11-of-17 passes for 160 yards, as the Chicago Bears defense, starting or subbing, looked as bad as it did last season.

Jay Cutler threw one touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall (who else) before clearing the way for Jimmy Clausen. The former Notre Dame quarterback did throw an interception, but also completed 11-of-15 passes for 94 yards. Cutler wasn’t sacked once again, so at least one of the lines seems to be working well for the Bears, who also got to see Jared Allen in action for the first time, picking up one tackle for a loss.

The Bears came away with the win thanks to rushing touchdowns from Ka’Deem Carey, the rookie out of Arizona who could be something of a workhorse backup behind Matt Forte (4 rushes, -2 yards), and Senorise Perry. The Jaguars also featured rookie quarterback Stephen Morris late in the game, making it a real Floridian feel to their quarterback crops or at least part of it, but Morris threw and interception and didn’t look as good as those that came before him.

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