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Jeremy Lin Highlights From the Brooklyn Nets Preseason Games

Posted on 22 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

The Brooklyn Nets & the rest of the NBA are done with their preseason schedule. Jeremy Lin, despite the Nets going just 1-5 in their exhibition games, had an overall very good first run with the Nets, establishing his position as the team’s best player. More

Brooklyn Nets Thrilled With Jeremy Lin; Kenny Atkinson & Brook Lopez Preseason Wasn’t Great

Posted on 21 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

The preseason schedule of games ended for the Brooklyn Nets with a fifth consecutive loss, 116-111 to the New York Knicks. As usual, Jeremy Lin was by far the best player on the floor, but what’s happening around him is of a growing cause for concern. More

NBA Preseason Game Scores

Posted on 19 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

The NBA preseason moves on, bringing us closer and closer to the real thing. In a five-game night of exhibition basketball, the Washington Wizards beat the NBA champions, the Miami Heat walked all over the Orlando Magic and the Oklahoma City Thunder showed that while Russell Westbrook is playing, they’re doing just fine. More

NBA Preseason Scores

Posted on 16 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

An interesting night of preseason basketball had some division rivals testing things out: The Golden State Warriors big three doing anything they wanted to against the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics looking very good against the New York Knicks, and the Chicago Bulls, without their key players, looking extremely dominant vs the Milwaukee Bucks. More

NBA Preseason Scores

Posted on 15 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

A busy day of preseason basketball, that included a strong performance by Rajon Rondo and the Chicago Bulls against a D-League Cleveland Cavaliers team. A bit later, the Golden State Warriors stars struggled against the Denver Nuggets, but managed to pull off the preseason win thanks to a game-winner by Patrick McCaw. More

Brooklyn Nets Hopelessly Dependent on Jeremy Lin

Posted on 14 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

An improved defensive effort didn’t help the Brooklyn Nets beat the Boston Celtics, losing 100-97, once again showing that when Jeremy Lin isn’t the floor, the offense starts struggling in ways that go beyond mere preseason jitters. More

NBA Preseason Scores

Posted on 13 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

The Houston Rocket looked good in preseason again with a win over the New Orleans Pelicans in China, although James Harden was less impressive than last time. The Phoenix Suns provided rare preseason drama, beating the Utah Jazz on a clutch dunk by Archie Goodwin. In the comedy section, Chinanu Onuaku and Dragan Bender took the lead, each in his own unique way. More

NBA Preseason Scores

Posted on 11 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

Another night of NBA games bringing us closer to the actual season. The New York Knicks had a dramatic finish go their way in a win over the Washington Wizards, while the Utah Jazz, despite missing plenty of players, narrowly escaped the Los Angeles Clippers. The Charlotte Hornets won their first preseason game, while the San Antonio Spurs enjoyed a very efficient Kawhi Leonard performance, and the same can be said of the Atlanta Hawks and Dwight Howard. More

Brooklyn Nets, Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony & a Preseason Reality Check

Posted on 9 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

The Brooklyn Nets played their second preseason game with their best player, Jeremy Lin, sitting this one out. While it’s a good opportunity for Kenny Atkinson to check out other lineups and combinations, it looked bad for a lot of minutes. More

NBA Preseason Scores

Posted on 9 Oct, 2016, by in NBA

A busy night of NBA preseason basketball included the New York Knicks beating their city rivals the Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to another win, the Chicago Bulls looking good with Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler playing sans-Rajon Rondo, and some worrying signs for the Charlotte Hornets, who didn’t just lose again, but continue to look awful. More