Beautiful Pictures of a Perfect & Snowy NFL Weekend

    There were important games in the playoff race in this NFL Sunday, but probably, the most memorable thing was the snow, getting in the way, or possibly even making it better, especially in the games between the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings, and even more so for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Detroit Lions.

    In Philly, it didn’t stop snowing for a second. It was harder at first which actually made it difficult to see – For people at home and at the stadium alike, not to mention the players themselves who had to get snow off their visors after every tackle or slide.

    The Lions, a dome team, looked like they’re not having any problems with the weather early on, but things changed quickly the moment LeSean McCoy started running. He ran for 217 yards, leaving a trail of broken and dirty snow behind him, along with a lot of Lions tacklers who completely missed him.

    In Baltimore, it wasn’t snowing much during the game, making it seem a bit icier, yet easier to play. In one of the more dramatic finishes we’ve seen this season, the two teams combined to score five touchdowns in the final three minutes of the game.

    As usual, the Vikings were the team on the losing end of such an exchange, not to mention getting shortchanged by the officials, and it had nothing to do with the snow or bad visibility, simply awful officiating, like we’ve been seeing all season in the NFL. So bad that the league actually called the team up about the mistakes.

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