Beijing Olympics Venues – Now & Then

    One of the great fears of Olympic organizers is that after all the investment and planning, everything they’ve built for the Olympics will never be used again once the two magical weeks are over. Such is the case with many of the stadiums and facilities used for the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, with many of then not even in existence anymore.

    The Bird’s nest, the biggest symbol of the games in China from four years ago is still standing. It’s not as shiny and impressive, especially when you consider its surrounding, as it was back in the summer of 2008, but the ground still has its uses for sport and cultural events, while the same goes for the aquatics center, still used for swimming competitions. The rest? Not so fortunate.

    Then – Beijing Baseball Stadium

    Now – Only Memories and Signs

    Then – There used to be Kayak competitions here

    Now – Locked Gates and Empty Canals

    Then – High flying BMX riders

    Now – Concrete and trash

    Then – Beach Volleyball in the rain

    Now – Unkempt, Unmaintained, Unused

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