Being a Premier League fan is Disgustingly Expensive

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Everyone knows the English Premier League is the most expensive football league to follow as a fan, but the BBC’s study about the Price of Football shows some incredible differences between English football and its European counterpart, which makes us think if the bubble hasn’t grown a bit too big, and will it or won’t it explode at some point.

More than anything, it has to be quite vexing to see that Barcelona or Real Madrid sell tickets to matches for the same price as conference side Alfteton do to some of their matches. Is British economy that much stronger than Spain? Is there really need to throw so much money on football when you know that the same level if not better of the sport is being played in Europe for a lot cheaper?

Other shocking examples are the season ticket prices of Porto, Benfica and Sporting, that charge less than £100 for some of the seats for the entire season – less than any club, not just in the Premier League, in Britain.

Surprisingly, the most expensive season ticket in Europe is that of AC Milan’s, a club in the financially struggling Serie A. But in almost every other example or category, the Premier League is in the lead. And it’s not a very good thing.

The Price of Football

Infographic via BBC