10 Best Crying Jordan Memes of Michael Jordan Crying at Kobe Bryant’s Memorial Service

Crying Jordan Memes Spider-man

From a plethora of emotional tributes during the Kobe and Gianna Bryant memorial service, Michael Jordan stood out with his words, especially when poking fun of himself and the Crying Jordan memes phenomenon.

Jordan said a lot of other, perhaps more important and meaningful things. But we live in an age obsessed with meme and meta culture. Jordan acknowledging the existence of it isn’t new but is always refreshing to hear. Jordan talking about creating new ones while shedding tears takes it to a whole new level.

And meme makers didn’t disappoint, quick to react and adopt the new crying jordan face, or using it as a reference to the old one. Legacy has many forms. Sometimes, even for the greatest basketball player on the planet, the most fitting way to leave a mark is by making fun of your own mocking meme.

1 for fun, 1 for love
Crying Jordan Vince McMahon Meme
New Era of Crying Jordan

At least MJ was smiling between all of the tears.

Michael Jordan talking about Crying Jordan
Crying Jordan This MF Spittin
MJ Looking at Crying Jordan Memes

A day after the tribute, Jordan is probably busy finding out how this new meme is going viral.

Crying Jordan W2 Meme
Crying Jordan 10 year challenge
Crying Jordan Meme Mashup

Images via Crying Jordan on Facebook.