Best Football Memes of the Ellen DeGeneres Oscar Selfie

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The Tweet that broke the Internet, Ellen DeGeneres taking a selfie with Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt among others, has already gotten plenty of variations, especially from the world of soccer, with a John Terry barging in on the party beginning a trend that includes more Chelsea players, floating Xavi faces, Alan Pardew butting heads and no one could leave Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo out of this as well.

Turkey, with head coach Fatih Terim, also made their own version of the picture that helped crash Twitter on Sunday. But that was the only one without any Photoshop help. John Terry, who didn’t play in Chelsea’s European triumphs (2012 & 2013) had no problem stripping down to his playing kit and lift the trophy like a captain who just finished 90 or 120 minutes along with his teammates.

From there, it only got weirder. The Chelsea heads replacing the stars is nice. There’s a random one with Messi, Mourinho and Ronaldo barging in. There’s also quite a weird one with everyone replaced by Xavi’s head, but the best one probably is Alan Pardew, who’ll probably be suspended for the entire season after headbutting a Hull City player, using his special technique on Ellen’s face.