Best Meme of LeBron James Being the Actual Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers

Good game coach

So is that weird that LeBron James gets to call a lot of plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers instead of his head coach, David Blatt? Actually, no, but why not make fun of the situation with an excellent meme?

While the media (including us, if you can consider us media) tried to make too much of Brian Windhorst showing off how close he is to the action and to LeBron James, Blatt, who is going through a rough year in certain aspects because he is a newcomer to the NBA, an outsider who has earned his coaching stripes in Israel, Russia and Italy.

But maybe this kind of media approach to the talents, or lack thereof, would have been used regardless of the previous record the heat coach has, unless it’s someone with an NBA championship ring. LeBron James gets preferential treatment from the media on a national level, which comes at the cost of making his head coach look like a chump at times.

Blatt was never supposed to come and coach three of the biggest stars in the NBA. If James would have teamed up with Irving and Love before the coaching vacancy was filled, maybe the Cavaliers would have gone in a different direction. But he’s making the most of the situation after a very rough start. He’ll take the jokes and memes if the Cavaliers keep winning.

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