15 Best Memes Comparing Michael Jordan to LeBron James

This post about memes begins in comparisons between Michael Jordan and LeBron James which don’t make much sense but are mostly funny or make some sort of point, and then carry on to simply make fun of the NBA’s current best player, giving us a perfect example that we’re deep into the off-season, waiting for something more interesting to happen.

For those who follow NBA social media blogs, you’ll know that the most popular meme battle happens to be cementing the legacy of LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. While during the regular season there are other things to do, during the summer, once all the moves have been made and there’s not even training camp to keep people focused, the discussion always goes towards an argument that will never be resolved.

Jordan, as long as there are enough people of a certain age involved with writing about the NBA, won’t lose his spot on the top of the all-time rankings. Once some time goes by and kids who never got to watch him in his prime, there’s a good chance the scepter will be handed over to someone else. That’s just how sports history works.

James has nothing to be ashamed of. Two championships, five NBA finals. You can’t win ’em all, especially when it’s not up to you, or not just about you. It serves for excellent joke material, but there isn’t a single thing James has to prove except simply improving his already incredible resume once he retires.

Russell chiming in

Never lose in the finals

Big boy



Stop fighting

Difference in defense

Well, maybe not


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