12 Best Memes of Eli Manning & the New York Giants Humiliated by Andrew Luck & the Indianapolis Colts

As always, it wasn’t the victors (Andrew Luck & the Indianapolis Colts) that get the attention, but the losers of Monday Night Football, Eli Manning and the New York Giants, with the memes focusing completely on them.

The final scoreline might suggest it was a close game, but everyone who actually watched it know that’s not the truth. The Colts held a 40-10 lead before some garbage time points made the scoreline look a bit more respectable.

Eli Manning gets the burden of being criticized more than anyone but in truth, it’s his offensive line that’s not functioning. Manning? He made more than a few bad throws, but when the blitz on almost every snap and down gets to you, a quarterback can’t be expected to remain on target all the time, especially when you’re not that good, as Eli is.

The win cements the Colts as the best by far in the AFC South, with Andrew Luck having something of a breakout season statistics-wise. The Giants are on their way of missing out on the playoffs for a third straight season, despite their 3-2 start.

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